Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the "Sign me in automatically" work?
The "Sign me in automatically" is optional, it saves your username and password on your computer and every time you access the page you will be automatically logged in.
What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, please click on the 'Forgot your Password?' link on the Log In page. The password recovery email will be sent to the email address provided from your Contact Information. The email will contain a link which will redirect the user to the 'Manage Account' section, where the password can be updated.
How can I change my password?
After you are logged in, click on 'Account Settings' link, you will see the "Current Password" field, type your current password in this field and your new password on the fields "Password" and "Retype Password", then hit the submit button.
Am I required to have an account to add properties to BeachCorner?
Yes. In order to add a property, to BeachCorner you must have an account.
How can I sign up for an account?
To sign up as an Owner and list your property go to the 'List Your Property' link at top menu, select a level and click the [SIGN UP] button. Complete the form and write down your username for future reference, choose the best payment method for you (PayPal for credit card payments) and follow the steps to finish the process. To sign up as a Traveler click the [Sign up] link at the top menu, complete the form, and click [SUBMIT].
Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?
If you attempt to access your account and type in an incorrect password 5 times the account will lock for 1 hour. This is for security reasons.
What does the green shield with a checkmark on a property listing mean?
The green shield means has verified property ownership by researching public tax records or having the person submit proof of ownership. When we determine ownership, the shield icon is added to the property’s page.
Can you increase the price of your listing levels?
Yes, we do reserve the right to make price adjustments to the listing levels at any time. However, once you paid for a 12-month listing level, your membership fee will not increase for that specific property during those 12-months.
Will you share or sell my information?
No, we do not share or sell your information.
Do you store my credit card information?
No, we never see your credit card information. For your safety and privacy, we use PayPal for credit card payments.
I think I received a suspicious email from a renter, what do I do?
There are many reasons in today's environment to be wary of email that seems in any way suspicious. Some email messages might be phishing scams. Always be on alert when doing business on the internet. If a renter overpays by check, never return the overpayment until your bank has enough time to determine if the check is valid. We suggest talking to the traveler on the phone before taking the reservation.
Do you collect State, Local, or Municipality Taxes?
BeachCorner is not responsible for collecting State, Local, or Municipality taxes. Since does not collect funds from the renter, the property owner is responsible for collecting and dispersing the appropriate taxes.
Do you charge any fees or commissions?
No, we do not charge fees or commissions. You pay a yearly membership fee and communicate directly with the renters.
Do you offer a discount for listing multiple properties?
Yes, the membership fees advertised are for each property. If you have multiple properties we can offer you a discount. Please contact us for details.